Off the Grid Studios Announces “A Soul Cleansing Spot Burn”

Off the Grid Studios Announces “A Soul Cleansing Spot Burn” — A New Film from Off the Grid Studios and MeatEater Now Showing in the 2021 Fly Fishing Film Tour

BEND, Oregon (March 29, 2021) — Off the Grid Studios is pleased to announce “A Soul Cleansing Spot Burn” — a new film that is now available to watch online in the virtual 2021 Fly Fishing Film Tour. Produced in collaboration with MeatEater, the film deliberately spotlights a guarded, secret spot to potentially protect the river from a mine.

Throughout his guiding career, Tim Landwehr has gone out of his way to keep attention off the Menominee River. As far as he was concerned, this special smallmouth bass river would only be ruined by widespread attention. But with the threat of a new mine that could forever harm this river and ecosystem, Tim decided now is the time to put the Menominee on the map.

For Off the Grid Studios’ RA Beattie, the film project was meaningful on many levels. “Our team feels honored to have had the opportunity to work on this film with MeatEater and Tim and the crew from Tight Lines,” states RA. “We hope this project helps to implement real change and protect and preserve the ecology of this area to give future generations the chance to see this amazing fishery in an uncompromised state.”

For MeatEater’s Joe Cermele, the narrator and one of the anglers in the film, putting a spotlight on a secret spot raises an interesting question for all anglers. “There’s no such thing as a secret spot anymore, but most anglers still believe they have one, even if ‘secret’ these days just means not fished as heavily as other places,” says Cermele. “This film puts the value of a ‘secret spot’ in question and asks anglers to imagine that the only way to save their secret spot was to tell the world about it. What would they do?”

And for writer Miles Nolte, the film project was worthwhile for numerous reasons. “There’s a fine line spot burner and conservationist. Burning a secret spot is the ultimate taboo in modern fishing … unless it’s in the name of conservation,” Nolte says. “In that case, it’s totally cool to score a free trip to some sensitive fishery, rope giant fish on camera, and tell the whole world about it.”

“A Soul Cleansing Spot Burn” is the 18th film from Off the Grid Studios/Beattie Outdoors Productions in the Fly Fishing Film Tour since the event began 15 years ago.

This film was written and produced by Miles Nolte and also produced by RA Beattie, Tim Harden, Steven Rinella, Annie Banks Raser, and Samantha Bates. Camera and audio work was by Paul Bourcq, Bryan Gregson, Troy Hermes, and Clint Bartlett. “A Soul Cleansing Spot Burn” stars Joe Cermele and Tim Landwehr.

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