Travel Options in March 2021: Fly Fishing the Bahamas

Travel Options in March 2021: Fly Fishing the Bahamas

For anglers looking to escape the cold and head to the flats, a trip to the Bahamas is worth a look, and it might be easier to get there that you think.

People need to know that while fly fishing travel currently has additional requirements, the process itself should in no way be a deterrent or a reason not to travel to fish with us here on Grand Bahama. It really is quite a straight forward process when you break it down. The initial step of getting your PCR test completed in the USA should be your gauge as to whether you are willing to commit to the process of traveling. This testing incidentally is getting easier and easier by the day. So, if you have considered travel, all you need to do is make that inquiry as to how you get a PCR test done and when you will get the result. If that process is something that you can work with then everything else is nothing but a formality. There has been an incorrect assumption that the accumulation of requirements is what puts you over the edge. Not so.

Take for example The Bahamas travel visa that is required. Sounds formal and possibly time consuming,  but it is nothing more uploading your PCR test for verification. It’s that simple. Fill in a few prompts and travel info, and that is all that is required. End of story!

What about the new requirement of a Covid test to renter the U.S.? Even easier. For all our clients we have an appointment already made here on island BEFORE you even arrive. This is at our local clinic that is literally just five minutes away. You pull up in the parking lot, a nurse administers the test immediately, and then you return. It’s an 18 minute process from start to finish, and that includes the five minute each way drive that we have already arranged for you. Then the result takes about 45 minutes minutes to receive by email. For our groups we can even arrange a nurse to come to the clubhouse after fishing and administer the test and all that is required is that you put your beer down for 10 seconds so the nurse can take the swab. Your results are back within the hour. We arrange all this for you. (You are responsible for putting down your beer though.) 

This is how smooth the process can be in our experience on Grand Bahama with H2O Bonefishing. If you have any questions about getting to and from the Bahamas during this period of the Covid saga, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

Greg Vincent, H2O Bonefishing

Disclosure: By sharing this opinion The Venturing Angler is not necessarily endorsing the positions put forward. All traveling anglers should take numerous resources into account before planning travel at this time.