Loon Presents: Tools of the Trade – Chapter 1 – The Song Writer and the Guide featuring Chuck Ragan

Loon has launched a new video series featuring profiles of anglers on the water. To get things rolling, they feature Chuck Ragan.

From Loon Outdoors:

“Tools of the Trade is about showcasing our Ambassadors that work on the water and at the vise every day to make a living. They are part of everything we design and the problems we try to solve with our tools and products. We want our customers to know that we design tools to last, be useful, and not just look good on a shelf or a computer screen. We build tools that professional guides, tiers, and anglers rely every day to do a job and make a living. If they trust their livelihood to Loon tools we believe anglers around the world can trust our tools to tie great flies and help them chase fish anywhere they go.”

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