Video: Fly Fishing the Methow River in “Door Man”

Door Man from Waist Deep Media on Vimeo.

A nice new video from Waist Deep Media tells the story of the door man of the Methow.

From Waist Deep Media:

“Door Man”- security guard, porter, enforcer of social mores and general snoop, all rolled into one. Leaf Seaburg is the door man of the Methow. A guide, a father, a steward, a good friend and a great fishing buddy. “Door Man” is a window into a season on the river he’s called home for over 40 years. Our fishing fortunes together made us rich men in spirit. At the start of the season, fishing the spring high water meant few anglers around and a few exceptional specimens to hand. Piscivorous hybrid beasts and bull trout fattened on salmon smolt. High velocity floats and meat stripped downstream off the bank.

In late summer and early fall we returned for what remained of the short(June-Sept) fishing season. Pre-dawn wakeups to beat the other fisherman to public access required. Long hours, spot hopping and toting camera/audio gear began to test my resolve. Being present the moment someone catches a fish is a difficult enough thing to witness with your own two eyes. Add having to frame/focus a shot, two hot lavalier mics on the talent, not forgetting to press record and you’ve got a challenge.

My plan of capturing the ultimate shot- a steelhead rising to a October caddis pattern seen from the drone- never materialized. But keeping my eye to the lens and enlisting the help of Leaf and our fishing partners paid off in high definition gold! Adfluvial fish were in the system and we were finding bows and cutties on dries, streamers and nymphs. Best of all, a flawless summer run hen hammered a swung/stripped streamer gracing us with an appearance. And just like that, another season had passed us by. The door man of the Methow though, he remains.

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