Film: Blood Run: Fly Fishing with Amazon Warriors

Payara action in the Brazilian Amazon in Blood Run, the new film from Fly Fisherman with fly fishing at Untamed Angling’s Kendjam and Xingu Lodges, is now live online.

From Fly Fisherman:

“On Brazil’s Xingu River, Kayapo warriors use the enormous fangs from vampire fish to cut and scar their arms. Join Rodrigo Salles and Ross Purnell in their quest to catch these magnificent jungle fish, and become the first outsiders to participate in this ancient ritual. Special thanks to our partners Scientific Anglers, The Fly Shop, Sweetwater Brewing Company, and to Untamed Angling in producing this film. Untamed Angling is giving away a one-week trip to the Xingu River, valid any time in the 2021 or 2022 seasons. To enter the sweepstakes just send the text message ‘UNTAMEDANGLING’ to 31996. (Deadline is Oct. 31, 2020. Open to U.S. residents 21 years and older.) Urgent: The quality of fishing in the Xingu and Iriri rivers depends on the Kayapo’s ability to control their borders and keep out poachers, miners, and loggers who use rivers for access, and operate illegally. Please donate through or search for ‘Funding Kayapo Guard Posts’ at”

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