Das Boat Season 2, Episode 4: Fishing for Midwest Musky

Midwest musky (and more) in a new episode of Das Boat from MeatEater!

From MeatEater:

“Dos Boat heads west to meet up with Oliver Ngy and Kevin Harlander in North Central Wisconsin. Oliver and Kevin are here for two things: big musky and delicious panfish. These targets represent opposite poles of the fishing spectrum: Musky (also known as muskellunge) are one of the largest, most difficult freshwater fish in North America. They are a coveted prize for dedicated fisherfolk. Panfish, on the other hand, are seen as entry-level—too small, abundant, and easy to fool to merit the attention of “serious anglers.” Oliver and Kevin show that fishing is fun, plain and simple, no matter how serious or laid back you want to make it. Before hitting the water, they give Das Boat a serious lake fishing upgrade with state-of-the-art electronics and a powerful trolling motor. They also convert a cooler into a livewell to keep bait and fish alive. Along the way they discuss whether or not it really takes 10,000 casts to catch a musky, losing the fish of a lifetime right at the boat, the figure 8, how bluegills make you feel like a winner, and a hell of a lot more. New episodes every Sunday at 11am MT, subscribe to our channel so you don’t miss out! #fueledbynature

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