Das Boat Season 2, Episode 1: Fishing for Lake Trout on Lake Michigan

For many many years, The Venturing Angler has provided daily fly fishing content. In this case, we are making what is a first time exception, as the first episode of the second season of Das Boat does not feature any fly fishing. However, consider this a set up for what will be a great full season of Das Boat with future episodes featuring some great fly fishing from Dos Boat.

From MeatEater:

“In the first episode of Season 2, Steve introduces you to the new Das Boat—Dos Boat. After a bumpy start, Steve gets to South Haven, MI, where he recruits the help of local charter captain Grant Gully. Steve, Grant, and a local fabricator put in 10 hours of work getting the boat ready to fish for lake trout in 100 feet of water. With good reason, Grant is somewhat skeptical about the 14 foot, 50-year-old boat’s ability to handle the big water of Lake Michigan. Luckily, the conditions are perfect allowing them to deep water troll for the native char better known as lake trout. Along the way, they discuss Jon Gary—Steve’s fishing mentor and the original captain of Dos Boat—the young anglers Jon influenced, the decline (and comeback) of the lake trout, and a whole lot more. They might even catch some fish. New episodes every Sunday at 11am MT, subscribe to our channel so you don’t miss out! #fueledbynature

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