Relief Campaign Announced to Help Fly Fishing Guides and Families in Belize

With Belize closed (until 10/1) because of COVID, fly fishing guides and their families have been greatly impacted and need the support of the angling community.

The American Fly Fishing Trade Association (AFFTA) and the Yellow Dog Community and Conservation Foundation (YDCCF) have launched a support fund to help assist this community.

From the YDCCF:

“Seven months into the worldwide pandemic – as other Caribbean countries and destinations have opened back up to traveling anglers – the Belizean fly fishing community that is so important to our overall industry and to our sport is running out of resources and options. While the prime minister announced that the country now has a tentative reopening date of October 1st, we also know that this is a moving target and it will be a slow return to full time work for all of these guides.”

Learn more and offer your support by clicking here.