Video: Cold Weather Fly Fishing in Montana

Cold weather fly fishing in Montana!

From Will Phelps:

“The colder months of the year are valuable to us as fishermen. The snowpack in the mountains is the origin and lifeblood of the world-class waters of the West. Without these towering peaks, our wild rivers would not have the proper supply of cold, clear, water they need to support our healthy trout fisheries.

A common misconception is that fishing isn’t any good in the winter. It’s cold, your guides might freeze, your toes will likely go numb, however, it’s probably the best time of the year to be on the water. Beginning in late fall, hunters are looking to fill their tag, and skiers are itching to ride the freshly coated peaks. I’m just as stoked as the next guy to get out there and shred some pow, but every so often a little warm spell hits, when the temps are just above freezing- and the river is calling.

Known to many anglers at the blue-winged olive, Baetis are cold weather mayfly identified by numerous subspecies. They can hatch in very large numbers, favoring the days of cloudy and inclement weather. Baetis duns are known to stay afloat for longer than other genera of mayflies- making them an easy target for large rainbow trout.

Fly fishing can’t be limited to only fishing dries. Nymphing and throwing streamers in the wintertime can be very productive when the fish aren’t looking up. Sight fishing to big bows with a light rig can be an exciting way to change things up. If you can find one and put the fly right in the money zone, your work is done. The rest is up to the trout.

All fishing and Skiing footage was filmed pre-COVID-19. What are your opinions on getting out there to fish during these tough times? With stay at home orders across the country, is it okay to go fly fishing as long as you maintain social distancing? Please leave your comment below!”

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