Video: Kamloops Stillwater Fly Fishing with April Vokey and Brian Chan

Stillwater fly fishing in British Columbia with Brian Chan and April Vokey!

From Fishing BC:

“In the realm of stillwater fly fishing, there are few names that hold more weight than that of Brian Chan. Brian was raised on the west coast of British Columbia, and his interest in freshwater fishing was sparked after a trip to Heffley Lake at a young age. Brian had a long career as a provincial fisheries biologist and is responsible for helping develop many of the fisheries that are enjoyed by anglers in the BC interior.

April Vokey has been an iconic figure in the fly fishing industry for well over a decade, and has been a positive mentor for many women looking to begin their journey in fly fishing. Though this is the first day the two of them have spent on the water together, April is adaptive and quickly soaks in Brian’s stillwater expertise.

Through writing books, speaking engagements and presentations, video and personal instruction, Brian has educated countless eager students on the topics of stillwater fly fishing and entomology.

As April joins Brian for a day on the water, she is drawn immediately to not only Brian’s knowledge, but his lightheartedness, modesty and continuous passion for fly fishing.
‘To see someone so renowned in their field, who could be taken so seriously as a biologist come to life like this is simply contagious’”

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