Film: DRAGONS GOLD – The Search For Golden Masheer

DRAGONS GOLD – The Search For Golden Masheer from Keith Rose-Innes on Vimeo.

A fly fishing adventure in Bhutan in a film from Keith Rose-Innes. Some great footage of the quest to find golden mahseer.

From Keith Rose-Innes:

“The search for giant golden masheer that led us down numerous Bhutanese rivers experiencing the most humbling generocity from the local villagers. Fast rivers and powerful fish made for exciting battles that were often lost. Golden mahseer are protected and it’s illegal to fish for them in Bhutan. We had been granted special permission from his Royal Highness’ Office for monitoring purposes and on a strict fly fishing, catch and release basis. The magnitude of this permission would only truly sink in as the trip progressed, but in the mean time I was beaming at the fact that I was in Bhutan, where Buddhist prayer flags flutter in the wind, where spinning prayer wheels create music with the wind, where menacing beasts and fiery dragons adorn walls to ward off evil and where the Royal Family and government care more for the kingdom’s happiness than for its standing in wealth and modernisation. In a world obsessed with consumption, we would do well to take a leaf or three out of their books.”

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