Patagonia Debuts “It’s All Home Water” — Fly Fishing and the Fight for a Fishable Future

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From Patagonia:

Patagonia has announced its new effort to recruit and inspire a generation of angling activists. Rather than a singular focus on its waders, boots and gear, the iconic fly fishing brand is introducing “It’s All Home Water,” a campaign that urges anglers to “Stand for the waters you stand in.” The approach combines grassroots advocacy, resource protection and new angler recruitment in an effort to ensure a fishable future.

According to Matt Millette, Patagonia’s Head of Marketing for fly fishing, “As we patiently wait to rejoin our family and friends back on the water, we are taking this time as fly anglers to reflect on our appreciation of our home waters and our obligation to protect them. As a company, it’s our responsibility to provide the tools and opportunity for all anglers to fight for a wild, fishable future. We’ve always been about solving fishing problems, with this step we are now focused on developing tools for anglers to not only join in the fight for wild fish, but to win that fight.”

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The approach includes collaborations with fish-advocacy groups, anglers and industry partners to jackhammer deadbeat dams, eliminate hatchery fish farms and protect wild fish and wild waters from mismanagement, greed and the ravages of a changing climate. “Now is the time to act with urgency,” said Millette. “As anglers, we see firsthand the dramatic effects of climate change on our fisheries and ultimately our planet. Fly fishing is more than rods, reels and waders. It’s about a connection, and we are committed, above all things, to honoring that connection. As anglers, we will protect what we love.”

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To inaugurate the approach, the brand has released its first in a series of Home Water content features highlighting the real people working for wild fish and wild waters. In “Home Water: Oregon Steelhead” we spend time with guide, wild fish activist and Patagonia fly fishing ambassador Jeff Hickman as he works to protect wild steelhead on Oregon’s north coast.

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