Video: Exploring and Fishing the Northern Ontario Wilderness

Exploration isn’t always easy, but it sure can be rewarding!

From Tight Loops:

In the winter of 2019 we received an interesting email. Mike and Kim Pierson, of Birch Bark Lodge in Northern Ontario had reached out to Orvis looking for scouts. They had a primitive outpost camp some 60 miles away on a forgotten tributary of the world famous Albany River system, and the old timers around town claimed it used to be a trophy brook trout fishery. Unable to find any evidence other than rumors, and knowing that it hadn’t been thoroughly fished in decades, they were looking for someone crazy enough to go investigate. Orvis reached out to us, and the rest is history.

By summer, we were driving 36 hours in Aimee’s VW Jetta from MA to ON with our canoe on top and ready for an adventure. No amount of research could prepare us for the conditions we encountered upon arrival, but then again, thats why we love wilderness expeditions so much. The fishing may have taken a back seat, but in the end, we found far more than we were looking for.

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