Video: Going Green – Green Drakes on the Metolius River from Todd Moen and Catch Magazine

Fly fishing a green drake hatch on the Metolius River in a great video from Todd Moen and Catch Magazine!

From Catch Magazine:

Ten years ago I produced ‘Going Green’ for Catch Magazine, July 2010 Issue #12. This was before aerial cameras, before social media. Another world.

Now today we are all under the COVID-19 social distancing rules as of March 2020- a good time to add this film to the online community we’re all depending on during the crisis. This blast from the past is a gift to honor the old films from the Catch Vault that have been sitting on old drives collecting dust.

‘Going Green’ features a great trip I took ten years ago, accompanied by a few friends to create the 12th film for Catch Magazine We hit a local favorite, the Metolius River in Central Oregon. The Metolius is a beautiful spring-fed river, crystal clear and has some of the most prolific hatches that fly anglers dream of. It’s no easy day on the water though; It’s match the hatch and hard wading. If you get one or two fish you’ve had a great day. It’s for the beauty of the water and the environment that you go to the location… if you get a few of these beautiful trout, that’s just the icing on the cake. For this film, my buddy Eric Neufeld was the angler on camera, and we had some great help from our local fly shop owner, Jeff Perin from The Fly Fishers Place here in Sisters, Oregon. This was Green Drake time, end of June and perfect to be on the water to capture these big bugs on film. I also want to thank my wingman, Brian O’Keefe, for being our net wrangler to catch a few green drakes for the production. I hope you enjoy “Going Green” during these strange days of 2020. When we all are able to head back outside, please support those local shops like The Fly Fisher’s Place who are the blood line of or industry. Stay safe and keep dreaming of the river….it will be waiting. Would love to hear your feedback about this older film I created years ago- please comment for community discussion below.

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