Video: Stillwater Fly Fishing in British Columbia

Fishing BC Presents: Stillwater Fly Fishing in Golden, BC from FishingBC on Vimeo.

Stillwater fly fishing with quite the scenic backdrop!

From Fishing BC:

“Surrounded by the picturesque setting of Western Canada’s Rocky Mountains, Golden, BC is home to a number of quality, productive stillwaters. Due to the natural alkalinity and makeup of a number of these lakes, anglers are able to enjoy gin-clear water coupled with white marl bottoms; a setting reminiscent of bonefishing in the Bahamas more so than lake fishing in British Columbia.

Joined by local angling legend John Shappard is Dave Burns, owner and operator of the Golden Gillie. ‘John is a wonderful man with deep ties to the community. When I was getting into the sport of fly fishing he was incredibly valuable and his generosity of knowledge has been a big asset.’

Dave’s discernment for a special location and fishery prompted him to start his guiding business in the small town of Golden. Though this area is renowned for its river fishing opportunities, Dave is quick to remind us that he is able to reach nearly 30 quality lakes within an hour’s drive of the city’s downtown.

Dave speaks highly of the solitude aspect that angling in Golden presents. ‘How refreshing it is in today’s day and age to be able to be on the water all by yourself.’”

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