Video: Fishing BC Presents: Wild Trout in the Cariboo Backcountry

Fishing BC Presents: Wild Trout in the Cariboo Backcountry from FishingBC on Vimeo.

Fly fishing for wild trout in the British Columbia backcountry!

From Fishing BC:

“British Columbia has no shortage of wild and stocked fisheries for rainbow trout, though few rival the diversity of those found in the Cariboo region. Join Fishing BC Ambassador Kate Watson and Stuart Maitland of Eureka Peak Lodge for a backcountry fly fishing adventure in search of wild rainbow trout.

During the summer months, the Cariboo offers plenty of opportunity for the dry-fly enthusiast. Mayflies, Caddis and numerous Stonefly hatches take place between May and September. After a day of floating a remote watershed full of wild rainbow trout, Kate and the crew embark on a fly fishing adventure that would require a two-hour horseback ride in. Having access to little-known fisheries such as this are what make operations in the Cariboo unique.

For anglers in search of crowded rivers and lakes, the Cariboo may not be the best option; but for those yearning for exploration into one of British Columbia’s many wild river systems or alpine lakes, the Cariboo region might be just the perfect fit.

‘I couldn’t be more excited that this is my new area to call home’ says Katy in enthusiasm about being a Cariboo resident; it is reasonable to say there would be few that could disagree.”

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