Video: Big Dorado in Argentina

Big dorado in Argentina in a new video from Nervous Waters.

From Nervous Waters:

“PRO melds one of Argentina’s most renowned outfitters with some of the finest golden dorado guides worldwide. Situated on the middle section of the Río Paraná—South America’s second longest river—this subtropical winter fishery (from June 20 to November 5) targets the peak of river’s legendary dorado migration.

The annual inflow of Sábalo brings the season to life. Aggressive dorado gorge on the baitfish, growing to sizes of 10 to 40+ lbs. And after two full years of scouting, our guides are keyed in on the habits and habitats of these formidable fish. You’ll sight-fish to monsters prowling the river’s long sandbars. You’ll explore remote backwater creeks. And you’ll cover everything from woody structure to cut-banks and deep channels.

We at PRO and Nervous Waters are thrilled to introduce you to a new season on this truly special fishery.”

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