RIO Products Announces New Fathom CleanSweep Sinking Lines

RIO Fathom Clean Sweep line

IDAHO FALLS, IDAHO (September 3, 2019) – Once again, RIO rises to the demand of anglers this time by introducing an incredibly effective family of sinking lines designed for the lake angler. The new Fathom CleanSweep Sinking lines is a series of multi-density lines proves deadly for anglers fishing lakes and stillwaters.

Each line in the Fathom CleanSweep Sinking series is built with three different densities and designed to fish the fly in a lethal “sweep” through the water column. Each line starts with a clear, intermediate tip that seamlessly integrates to a medium or fast sinking body and then to a slow sinking running line. This blend of densities ensures that the line sinks in a u-shape when retrieving through the water with the fly following. The fly starts shallow, dives deeper during the retrieve and then climbs back to the surface towards the end of the retrieve providing an effective way of fishing the fly at multiple depths in a single cast. Each line has a short, 35-foot head for easy casting and quick loading and a hang marker 20 feet from the tip to visually and tactilely fish the “hang”.

Available in 5 through 8-weight offerings, these lines come in S2/S4/1 for a sink rate of 2 ips (inches per second) at the running line to 4ips in the body to the intermediate tip as well as S4/S6/I for a bit faster sinking running line and body and greater depth. They come in clear/black/light aqua for the slower sinking version and clear/black/dark aqua for the faster sinking options. Find them at your nearest RIO dealer for $79.99.

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