Book Review: Wild Trout by Javier Urbanski and Isaias Miciu

A good book has value for various reasons. A great book inspires. Wild Trout by Javier Urbanski and Isaias Miciu is a book that demonstrates all that a great book ought to be. Compelling writing, stunning photography, and complete in every way, Wild Trout is an impressive work that every trout angler ought to own — especially those who have been to or have a fondness for Patagonia.

Javier Urbanski is an Argentine fly fishing guide and fish biologist — a great combination. And Isaias Miciu was born in Uruguay and now lives in San Martin de los Andes — a beautiful mountain town in Northern Patagonia. Neither men are ones to boast, and Miciu almost seems disinterested in any form of self promotion — rare among photographers, especially in fly fishing, in this day and age. He is, however, a bit of a legend in Patagonia and is known for his photography that largely looks at life in Patagonia — covering everything from gauchos to fly fishing.

Yet despite their low profile in the fly fishing industry in the U.S., Urbanski and Miciu have both achieved absolute mastery in their respective fields, and Wild Trout is a testament to the excellence and expertise that men have.

Wild Trout is intended to capture, with with writing and images, the trout of Patagonia. Written in Spanish and English, the book details all aspects of trout — from their biological characteristics to their diet to their habitat. Those less interested in science shouldn’t be turned away — the book is science-rich but not science-heavy, and the generous amount of images loaded in this large hardback book is enough to captivate any reader for hours on end.

Wild Trout is indeed largely a tribute to a fish species in a certain place, but after all, anglers from states with great trout fishing have traveled thousands of miles to encounter the trout of Patagonia. This book honors these fish but also the anglers who hold the wild trout of Patagonia in their hearts. We travel there to only leave the fish and bring home the memories and feelings. This book aids us with this.

Presently, there is no distribution of Wild Trout in the United States; however, it is worth pursuing copies nevertheless. To purchase Wild Trout, contact Javier Urbanski directly at