Video: CHROME Buffet – GIANT Steelhead Olympic Peninsula Fishing

Pacific Northwest chrome! A great new video from Gilbert Rowley takes on steelhead in Washington.

From Rowley:

“Buffet Series Episode 3 – Winter steelhead are super large, aggressive fish that are truly in a class of their own! . They can reach lengths over 40 inches, and some of these fish are in the 20 lbs range. The rain forest of the Olympic Peninsula is home to many rivers that feed right into the ocean. When these winter fish leave the salt and return to freshwater they are in their prime. Pure muscle that is chromed out in all it’s glory! Phil and I have been chasing steelhead for nearly a decade. However, neither of us had ever experienced fresh chrome fish within a few miles of the ocean. This is a different ballgame! With the help of Captain Keith Allison of Chrome Chasers, we were blessed to find some winter steel that only dreams are made of! Check out our adventure while we search out Washington’s GIANT winter steelhead on the fly.”

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