Video: Fly Fishing for Mako Sharks in California

Mako sharks on the fly in San Diego!

From Gilbert Rowley:

“Imagine hooking up with one of the fastest most aggressive fish in the Ocean on a fly rod. That’s fly fishing for Mako Sharks. Off the coast of San Diego California exists on of the world’s best Mako fisheries. I HIGHLY recommend that the next time you visit look up Captain Mark Martin at San Diego Salt Water Fly Fishing. You may recognize him from his recent Rooster Fish Video “In Search of Grande”, or the popular YouTube video “Flying Mako” where him and his buddy Alex Beck hook into a 10 foot 800lb Mako on the fly. This guys know’s his stuff, and from one guide grading another, I give him the highest marks possible. Check out http://www.sandiegosaltwaterflyfishin… Mark also owns and runs a Tarpon lodge in Costa Rica. Virtually unexposed to angling. This is a place to visit For great salt water fly patterns visit As always, thanks for watching.”

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