Video: Catch of the Past – Steelhead, Bulls and Browns from Catch Magazine

A new video just released from Todd Moen and Catch Magazine takes on several species in several locations.

From Catch Magazine:

“Greetings, Catch Magazine followers! As the New Year approaches, I’m reflecting on Catch Magazine’s 10 years of fly fishing videos. It’s overwhelming! Catch Magazine’s online publication is packed with more than 70 T-Motion films that bring you around the world with me. Often the films from Catch make it here to my YouTube Channel for all of you to experience my fly fishing adventures and meet world-class anglers. As a little gift to you this holiday season, I’ve packaged a sweet trio filmed and edited almost 7 years ago. These 3 short videos that have been pulled from the vault feature 3 different anglers, on 3 different rivers fishing for 3 kinds of fish. First, watch adventurous angler Brian O’Keefe as he wades a high desert river in Oregon to catch brown trout. Then see Carrie Collingwood, of Spatsizi Wilderness Lodge in British Columbia, as she travels via boat to a high mountain lake tributary to land bull trout on the fly. Finally, take in the coastal fly fishing phenomenon Jakob Lund as he swings for steelhead a stone’s throw from the Pacific Ocean. These last two videos are extra special, and almost vintage in their method. They were filmed in 2012, before lightweight commercial drones were available or in wide public use. I filmed Jakob and Carrie using two different home-designed copters (weighing more than 6 pounds each, with 4 and 6 blades lifting a combination of large Panasonic handy-cams and GoPros mounted to a homemade servo-driven carbon fiber gimbal) to capture some of the first ‘drone’ footage the fishing industry had ever seen. To this day these quick seconds of footage have never been seen by anyone. Drones and cameras have massively evolved since 2012. I consider this my vintage aerial work. Happy Holidays! I hope you enjoy these 3 special films!”

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