Fly Fishing Gear Review: The Hardy Zephrus Ultralite Rod

Hardy Zephrus Ultralight

Hardy is known for many things when it comes to fly rod design and manufacturing, and their attention to the finest detail in all aspects of their rods stands out. And as soon as any angler fishes (or even holds) the Hardy Zephrus Ultralite rod, they will see immediately why Hardy so strongly holds the reputation for being one of the most respected fly rod manufacturers.

We tested the 9-foot 5 weight Hardy Zephrus Ultralite rod, and what a mighty fine rod this is. First there’s the look and cosmetics. Out of the hard, logo-engraved rod tube with a cork insert on the cap, you immediately notice Hardy has one of the nicest sleeves for the rod out there. An important detail? No, probably not, but it shows that Hardy takes their product and reputation seriously to the greatest detail. What might then stand out the most is the reel seat which is a combination of cork, alloy, and wood — all contributing to a very attractive look while also cutting down on weight. The cork grip is comprised of what is clearly high-end cork which will endure, and the slim grip helps enhance feel.


Hardy Ultralight

On the water, the Hardy Zephrus Ultralite rod is everything you might hope for in a medium-fast action rod. The rod is incredibly light in hand, has plenty of feel when casting, tracks well, and feels phenomenal with any sized trout on. If you’re looking for a strong rod with feel, the Hardy Zephrus Ultralite rod ought to be on your radar. And if you, like many, are on the quest for the next great dry fly rod, Hardy may have delivered the end to your search.

Of course, performance comes with components and design, and this rod is loaded with some of the best materials out there. The key to this rod’s smooth casting action, lightweight feel, and strength is Hardy’s SINTRIX® 440 blank construction. And the REC® recoil guides and Fuji® titanium stripper guides help unsure long-time performance.

The Hardy Zephrus Ultralite rod comes in a range of models. From an 8’8″ 3 weight to a 9’9″ 5 weight, there are seven different rods in this lineup, and the rods range between $679.95 and $769.95, depending on the model.


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