Native Trout-A-Thon to Support Native Fish in Oregon


Trout Unlimited, the Native Fish Society, and KeepEmWet Fishing are putting on an event in Oregon October 27-28 to benefit native trout.

With the support of pledges from family and friends, anglers will compete in Native Trout-A-Thon — a friendly competition that supports conservation. From the Native Fish Society:

“Fishing for these Oregon gems begins at dawn on Saturday, October 27th and wraps up one hour after sunset on Sunday, October 28th. This 48 hour catch and release trout fishing event will test your skills, knowledge, and endurance as you crisscross the state catching as many different species of native trout to maximize your score. Points will be awarded based on 9 trout (and char) species and size, with only one fish per species being scored…”

To learn more about Native Trout-A-Thon, please click here.