RIO Brings Its ConnectCore Metered Shooting Line to Two-Handed Anglers

RIO Shooting Line.jpg

IDAHO FALLS, IDAHO (September 4, 2018) – RIO continues to provide anglers with the exact tools needed to fish in the most efficient and effective manner, and that is certainly true with its new ConnectCore Metered Shooting Line.

The ConnectCore Metered Shooting Line affords longer casts, greater hookups and a higher landing ratio all while allowing anglers to better gauge casting distance. The line features RIO’s RangeFinder system with a color change every 10 feet to easily gauge how far each cast is. In addition, the RangeFinder color markings allow anglers to hook, play and land a fish, and then return to the exact same length of line they were fishing before they hooked the fish.

Another new feature on this shooting line is a short front taper that is matched to the appropriate sized shooting heads for the shooting line size, ensuring maximum stability, distance, and flight time

Built on RIO’s ConnectCore, this line has ultra-low stretch for penetrating hook sets and for complete control when fighting a fish, and it is built with large loops on both ends for quick, easy rigging. The shooting line comes in four sizes; from 0.026” in orange and gray, 0.032” in orange and green, 0.037” in orange and blue, and 0.042” in orange and yellow color combinations. It retails for $59.99 and can be found at any RIO dealer. Watch here for more information.

About RIO Products:

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