Video: Patagonia Fly Fishing on the Collon Cura River

Patagonia Fly Fishing on the Collon Cura River from Chocolate Lab Expeditions Fly Fi on Vimeo.

Fly fishing the Collon Cura!

From Chocolate Lab Expeditions:

“For us, the Collon Cura River is one of the most prolific trout fisheries in the world, and it is especially appealing because of its remote setting and lack of other anglers on the water.

The Collon Cura is contained within a canyon for about 80 percent of its length before flowing out into a broad valley, making it a great river for overnight trips. This river fishes very well throughout the season and is one of the favorites among beginner and expert anglers alike.

Learn more about the Collon Cura River and fly fishing with Chocolate Lab Expeditions:

+Filmers: Bryan Gregson, Will Phelps
+Editor: Sean McCormick”

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