TroutHunter Announces New Revolutionary EVO Nylon Tippet

NEW TroutHunter EVO NYLON TIPPET from TroutHunter on Vimeo.

ISLAND PARK, Idaho (July 23, 2018) — TroutHunter is pleased to announce the release of their new revolutionary EVO Nylon Tippet. Adding new technology to an iconic brand, TroutHunter’s EVO Nylon Tippet pushes the boundaries of tippet design to bring forth a cutting-edge new product.

With the EVO tippet, TroutHunter makes improvements over their existing nylon through the proper application of a new proprietary organic coating. The result is much stronger knot strength achieved with no noticeable increase in diameter. Overall, the knot strength is either comparable or superior to many of the same sizes of fluorocarbon.

TroutHunter Tippet
Photo: Will Phelps/Bryan Gregson Photography

Additional benefits to TroutHunter’s new coating can be found on the water. The coating adds a measure of durability in combating abrasion while also repelling water, so the nylon will float better than previous nylons. In addition, once the package is open, the coating will protect the material from water and humidity that will enter the spools from normal use, thereby adding to the useful life of the purchase.

Another stand-out feature of the new TroutHunter EVO Nylon Tippet is its nearly nonexistent memory. Even after the material has been tested or bunched up, the tippet can often recover its form with minimal memory. In the end, less time worrying about tippet means more time targeting fish.

The TroutHunter EVO Nylon Tippet retails for $9.95 and is available now at fly shops. Learn more here.

About TroutHunter:

Located in Island Park, Idaho, TroutHunter is a full-service fly shop, guide service, and lodge within view of the Henry’s Fork of the Snake River. Operating since 1999, TroutHunter also offers an entire line of proprietary products, including award-winning leaders and tippet and highly sought after tying materials.

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