RepYourWater Releases First Annual Sustainability Report


ERIE, CO – In an effort to communicate with their customers about RepYourWater’s sustainability efforts, RepYourWater has released their First Annual Sustainability Report.

“Sustainability certainly matters to us as individuals, but minimizing our environmental impact is also important to us as a business and increasingly important to our customers,” says RepYourWater Co-founder, Corinne Doctor.  “We are so grateful that we are in a position to donate 3% of our sales to our nonprofit conservation partners, but we made a decision to do more than make financial contributions and actually walk the walk, which is why we decided to start looking at our own operations and products to see how we could mitigate the risks associated with climate change on our fisheries,” added RepYourWater Co-founder, Garrison Doctor.

RepYourWater worked with sustainability and marketing consulting firm, Emerger Strategies, to start measuring the environmental footprint of their operations, develop strategies to minimize their environmental impact and produce the RepYourWater Annual Sustainability Report.  “Climate change is the absolute greatest threat to fisheries around the world, and RepYourWater is the real deal when it comes to authenticity and actually caring enough about the negative impact climate change is having by cutting their GHG emissions and diverting waste from the landfill,” says Rick Crawford, President of Emerger Strategies.

“Addressing climate change transparently and unabashedly has been a great business decision for us,” Garrison adds.  “We also announced our 2020 Sustainability Goals in the Report, and we hope you follow along on our sustainability journey, and as we continue to grow as a company. We are excited for what the future holds,” echoes Corinne!

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