Loon Announces Camo Drops and Black Drops

Loon weights

Loon Outdoors has announced what looks to be a groundbreaking new approach to weights.

The newly announced Camo Drops and Black Drops bring a twist to tin weights, and in this case, they are a smart solution to the problems (for fish and wildlife) that come from using lead. Loon’s new tin weights are non-toxic and better for the environment. After all, as anglers, bringing harm to fish and wildlife ought to be eliminated or reduced at every opportunity.

On the water, we have already fallen in love with these weights. Traditional problems with weights include not having enough sizes, not having proper storage, too much shine or flash when in the water, and slipping. Anyone else tired of spilling weights everywhere, not having them organized by size, or having to check a nymph rig every 20 minutes to make sure everything is where it is supposed to be?

Loon’s new tin weights have a textured design on the inside to reduce slipping, and the design also allows them to be reused more easily. No more crushing them to keep them in place and thereby compromising leader/tippet strength then not being able to use them again. And for when you need more sizes, Loon will also offer refill packs. Smart.

To check out the new Black Drops and Camo Drops from Loon, please click here.

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