Video: Global Rescue for Destination Fly Fishing

Jim Klug – Blinded in Bolivia from Global Rescue on Vimeo.

As our followers likely know, The Venturing Angler strongly advocates for Global Rescue memberships — especially for those traveling out of the country. In a testimonial from Jim Klug, a good case for membership is made based on an experience in Bolivia.

From Global Rescue:

“Yellow Dog Flyfishing Adventures Founder and Director of Operations Jim Klug was enjoying a fishing trip in Bolivia when a freak accident threatened to take his vision. Suffering from a traumatic eye injury in a foreign country, Klug needed help. That’s why he turned to Global Rescue. Watch Jim’s story, and hear why he trusts Global Rescue when he travels, and why he makes sure his clients use Global Rescue’s services too.”

To check out more from Global Rescue, please click here.


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