Trailer: Fly Fishing the Chalkstreams of England in CHALK – Bedrock of Fly Fishing

England’s chalkstreams offer anglers a unique and challenging fly fishing experience that is relatively incomparable. Now a new film focuses on these prized waters.

From Fishing TV:

“The Test. The Itchen. Broadlands. Mottisfont. Halford. Skues. Sawyer. The names associated with the chalkstreams of England are among the most famous in the world of fly fishing. This is the ultimate documentary about these storied people, places and rivers. CHALK is a thoughtful examination of what makes the chalkstreams of England such important rivers in the history and development of fly fishing. From the geology that created the rivers and their abundant plant and animal life – including the legendary mayfly hatch – to the characters past, present and future who make these rivers unique, this is the definitive chalkstream fishing film and a must watch for anyone who calls themselves a fly fisher. Featuring some of the most recognisable names and faces in the UK fly fishing world, including Marina Gibson, Alex Jardine, Steve Cullen, Glen Pointon and Charles Rangeley Wilson, as well as anglers from all over the world, CHALK has changed the game for how fly fishing films should be made, the film’s stunning cinematography is complemented by expert voices and a thoughtful voiceover telling the story of these precious waterways that have shaped a sport.”

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