Trailer: Pursuing Passions of Photography and Fly Fishing in “Focus”

“Focus” (Trailer) – Official Selection, IF4™ 2018 from IF4™ on Vimeo.

The photography of Timbre Pringle and Darcy Toner have impressed anglers for many years, and their ego-free imagery is everything the fly fishing world needs. Now they are the focus of a new film for the International Fly Fishing Film Festival.

From the IF4:

“An inspirational fly-fishing film about an adventerous couple pursuing their passion, which leads them on a memorable adventure under a smoke soaked prairie skyline in search of the perfect image of oversized dry-fly sipping rainbows. For those who’ve never had a trout rise to a dry, a fish might just be a cold-blooded creature with fins and spots, but to you and I they’re the objects of our memories, of our pictures, of our attention. They’re why, as we leave the river, we’re already dreaming about the next trip. Only at the International Fly Fishing Film Festival in 2018!”

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