Film: Fly Fishing for High Mountain Yellowfish and Trout in Bokong – Makhangoa Community Camp

Trailer: Exploring and Fly Fishing for Yellowfish in Bokong – Makhangoa Community Camp from The Venturing Angler on Vimeo.

“Bokong – Makhangoa Community Camp” is yet another impressive fly fishing film from Capt Jack Productions and Off the Grid Studios, and the film is now available to watch online.

From the filmmakers:

“Follow the Tourette’s fishing crew as they pioneer a new fishery in Africa; help the community and fish for Yellowfish and Trout in the high mountain streams of Lesotho.
The Makhangoa Community Camp is the first of its kind fly fishing ecotourism project in the area. The Makhangoa Camp and fishery on the Bokong River is managed and run by Tourette Fishing and the Makhangoa Tourism Council.
The aim of the partnership is to provide sustainable and beneficial tourism to the area, while conserving the natural resources which attract anglers to this beautiful valley.
Proceeds of all visitors’ bookings (through a daily community levy) are allocated to community benefac- tion projects, with the aim to uplift and enable the local community live happier and healthier lives.Apart from the daily community levies generated from each visitors stay, the camp trains and employs local staff in all aspects of camp life and management. From camp managers, and cultural guides, to cleaning ladies and maintenance staff.
In addition to the amazing fly fishing that draws anglers from across the globe to the Makhangoa Community Camp, the local tourism council have set up a range of local community projects which offer guests a unique insight in local Lesotho life and culture. These include pony treks, village tours, mountain hikes, shabeen (local tavern) visits and local arts and crafts.If you take any activity and push it to the wildest edge, you create magic. In 2011 we made it our goal to explore the countries waterways looking for a world class yellowfish destination that we knew would be there.
In 2012, after numerous exploratory trips, hours spent on Google Earth, some intense white knuckle 4×4 trips and epic mountain treks, this goal was achieved!Fly fishing for yel- lowfish in crystal clear Lesotho Rivers is definitely one such activity. Your need to fish wild and remote waters, to create your own magic, may well be what drives you.
At Tourette Fishing we understand this urge is far more than fleeting. It is an intrinsic need that motivates all you do. You don’t just want to fish, you NEED to fish. With your limited time, we understand you want to fish the best waters at the optimum time of year with the best guides in the industry.
Rest assured, for your enjoyment we have scouted what we believe are some of the finest dry fly and sight fishing yellowfish rivers in Southern Africa.
This film will highlight the wildest edge of African fly-fishing, and showcase a fishery never before seen on the big screen. Premiering at the 2017 Fly Fishing Film Tour South Africa.”

To watch Bokong, please click here.



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