Video: Fly Fishing for Pink Salmon in Canada

We don’t see pink salmon videos too often — especially ones from Canada. Now we can join Brad Knowles as he hunts humpies in a new video.

From Knowles:

“Exciting News! We recently finished up a great short Pink Salmon fly fishing video.  The video was filmed and produced by Fill in the Blanks Studio. .  It stars your truly Brad Knowles and Zach Copland.  Zach Copland is the Fly Fishing Lead at Bass Pro Shops Vancouver.  He also helps host our popular fly tying tutorial website called Friday Night Flies.  We have been talking about doing a fly fishing video for some time and finally got all involved on the same page.  Perfect timing, great weather and a superabundant supply of Pink Salmon allowed us to film this remote fishery.  Crystal clear water always adds to the show when filming fly fishing videos.  We caught many fish, shared many high fives and wore smiles all day.  It was definitely a day to put in the books.  If this show doesn’t make you want to go fly fishing you better get your pulse checked.  Enjoy the short fly fishing video Called Pink Dragons! The Canadian Fly fishing experience. As one season ends another begins.  This years Pink Salmon season was not one for the books in comparison with 2015.  By saying “not one for the books” I mean instead of catching 30 pinks a trip we were getting 20.  Still some of the best fly fishing you’ll ever experience in your life and we had no problems getting our clients into them each and everyday.  Regularly, we booked fly fishing trips from people fishing along side “not part of our group” that had seen our groups out preforming everyone else on the River and wanted to be part of something special.  Clients that experience our Pink Salmon fly fishing trips in Canada typically book it in advance for the following season.  Pink Salmon only visit the Rivers in our areas on odd years, making a special time of year.  The Pink Salmon run only lasts 1.5 months during the months of August and into September. Canada fly fishing guides. Pink Salmon are in my opinion one of the best sport fish to target while fly fishing.  They are very aggressive feeders, range in size from 4 – 8 LBS, roll in big numbers, fight like hell and are easily fooled with pretty well any fly pink in color.  That being said, of course there is more to it than just tying something pink on your fly rod.  This is where we come in, our guides will have you on the fast track to successful Pink Salmon fly fishing.  Lets face it some fishing spots are better than others and some flies work better than others.  Eliminate any bad habits or doubts and learn some new tricks.  That in itself is a recipe for a successful fly fishing trip in Canada. Thank You, to all of our fishing clients During this Pink Salmon season we shared many high fives, laughter and smiles with our clients.  Many of you figured out when and when not to go for the reel, don’t go for it when its spinning or it will bite ya.  Believe it, this happened a lot this year and you are not alone.  We would like to take this moment to thank each and everyone of you that joined us on this truly memorable fishery.  We appreciate your business and look forward to fishing with you again in the near future.  Tight lines.”

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