Film: Fly Fishing in Mexico at the Ascension Bay Permit Tournament 2017

Ascension Bay Permit Tournament 2017- Official Film from Christian Ihrybauer on Vimeo.


We teased a trailer a while back, and now we have the full film that highlights the good times and permit pursuits at the Ascension Bay Permit Tournament.

From Christian Ihrybauer:

“‘An eclectic little town full of friendly people” is how Pat Ehlers describes Punta Allen, the Permit Capital of the World.
A fly Fisher’s Paradise, teeming with good natured locals, a peaceful ambiance and some of the most potent Salt Water Fly fishing on earth, Punta Allen is not without it’s shortcomings, or as the locals refer to them: Paradise Problems.

The Ascension Bay Permit Tournament is the event hosted by the town locals to help raise funds to alleviate some of those problems found in the little caribbean town.

Every year, fish fanatics travel all the way down here to compete in a fun and laughter filled Tournament, with thousands of Dollars of Donated Money and prizes being used to help the Kids living there.”

To check out more from Christian Ihrybauer, please click here.


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