Video: Fly Fishing for Smallmouth Bass and Musky in Virginia with Blane Chocklett

A new video from Brookdog Fishing Co. features Blane Chocklett as he takes on fly fishing for smallmouth bass and musky in Virginia.

From the video makers:

“This WILL NOT be a steady stream of fish porn. It was nearly 100 degrees with bluebird skies both days during the shoot. As Schultzy would say, “not optimal!” It was a struggle to say the lease but we caught some great imagery. There will be some beautiful smalljaw footage, some underwater footage of muskies, and a shock when we get, “muskied.” The video closes out at the new Ballast Point Brewery outside of Roanoke, VA. That place was insane! All the “porn” aside, the focus of this video is to provide another perspective about one of my mentors. This video short WILL focus on who Blane is, what his fishery is all about, and give the viewer a glimpse into why he has become a leader in our industry. Enjoy! Produced by: Colton Wright”

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