Xplor Boatworks Brings Innovative Approach to Design with X18 Skiff

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COLUMBIA, S.C. (August 1, 2017) — Xplor Boatworks is pleased to announce the X18 — a boat that delivers revolutionary design and performance to modern skiffs.

With a utilitarian approach to design that considers the needs of anglers for a wide range of applications, the X18 offers superior performance and features that make this boat ready for adventure and exploration.

The Xplor X18 skiff is comprised of a vinyl ester resin and is built to specification. Xplor customizes the consoles of these boats, cutting them to the specific owner’s height specifications and desired cockpit placement and layout. Recognizing that not all anglers are the same and neither are their on-the-water needs, Xplor’s unique approach to design delivers customization that ultimately leads to the performance and experience each owner desires.

The X18 drafts only six inches and weighs approximately 700 pounds when moderately equipped. Designed from the ground up to handle massive amounts of weight and still float extremely shallow, the X18 is ready for everything from distance overnight trips with gear to backcountry exploration on shallow flats. With expeditions in mind, the X18 also has substantial storage areas under the bow platform, and the rear deck can accommodate a wide range of gear. And with a large interior cockpit, anglers won’t feel cramped and can also easily access gear. The Xplor X18 can be set up with either a tiller or console design, and this boat can be built as basic or outfitted as the owner desires.

Xplor has designed the X18 to be versatile for a range of needs and applications all while giving its passengers a remarkably soft, dry ride. “I’ve run this skiff in a lot of different conditions from miles offshore to the flats and creeks, and every time I run it, I am more and more impressed with what it will do,” states Xplor founder Frankie Marion. “From taking the family to the sandbar to polling a shallow flat, it’s extremely versatile and will fit into about any situation thrown at it.”

Accommodating four anglers, the Xplor X18 is 18’4” with a beam of 84” and a transom height of 20”. The recommended power is 50hp – 90hp, and it has a fuel capacity of 20/25 gallons.

About Xplor Boatworks:

Founded by Frankie Marion, Xplor Boatworks builds boats for purpose that are simple yet ready to meet the high-performance standards of owners. For more information about Xplor Boatworks, please visit their website and follow Xplor on Facebook and Instagram.

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