Trailer: Fly Fishing for Trout in “The Columbia River” from Todd Moen and Catch Magazine

New from Todd Moen and Catch Magazine — the trailer for a new film short that focuses on trout on the Columbia River.

From Catch Magazine:

“For this issue’s T-Motion Theater, I was especially thrilled to be able to introduce my friends from Eddie Bauer to the crew at The Evening Hatch’s Black Bear Lodge on the Upper Columbia River in Washington State. Lel Tone, world-class Ski guide for Eddie Bauer, and Andrew Bennett, Eddie Bauer Sport Shop Guide came along with me to this amazing spot on the Columbia River just south of British Columbia. I chose this location because I had never experienced the Columbia River in the fall, when the flows are almost half the level they run during the springtime. As a camera operator, having the option to get out of the boat is crucial when trying to tell a story through film. The flows of the Columbia River at this of year make it a great option for shooting video. Lel put on a fish slaying clinic the first 30 minutes on the water, catching some of the most beautiful rainbow trout the area supports. Andrew had a good go, as well, and we ended up with some great video. Thanks to Smith Optics, R.L. Winston Fly Rods and Eddie Bauer for the great support with this film.”

To check out more from Todd Moen and Catch Magazine, please click here.

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