Video: Fly Fishing the Salmonfly Hatch in Cardiac Canyon on the Henry’s Fork

The Cardiac Salmonfly from KBL Studios on Vimeo.

A new video takes on one of the best hatches in one of the most coveted stretches of one of the best rivers in the world!

From KBL Studios:

“Cardiac Canyon is one of the most epic stretches of river to float if you plan on fishing the Henry’s Fork of the Snake River. The Slide is just downriver from Lower Mesa Falls and the hike in is worth the scenery alone. Mark, Mike, and Chris were the anglers in this video. Alex Kohn and Paul Hoelscher were the guides. Alex and Paul worked their tails off to get our anglers into some fish and as you can see, they all saw success. The salmonfly hatch is a perfect time to float this stretch. It doesn’t get the attention it deserves which makes this a perfect time to have the river to yourself.”

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