Video: Fly Fishing the Pacific Northwest in “A Steelhead Quest”

REI has produced a new video that offers a look at steelheaders in the Pacific Northwest.

From REI:

“Terry Myers, a steelhead advocate and long-time angler, spent 2015 trying to catch a wild steelhead on a different river each month of the year. After successfully hooking a wild steelhead in all but two of the months, she set her sight on finding the last two fish to complete her quest.

The film explores the experience of an unassuming but determined woman on this two-year quest. Watch as she tries to unlock the mysteries of catching wild steelhead through the changing seasons. With her husband Jerry in tow, we see the challenges they face with depleting runs, while still enjoying every aspect of being on the river together—rain or shine, fish or no fish.”

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One thought

  1. Really enjoyed Terry and Jerry Myers video on Steel Head quest, they are such a loving couple, how I myself long for a relationship like theirs. I Fly Fish as much as I can for Trout in Northern Colorado but have yet to meet a lady with the passion for adventure and outdoors Fly Fishing and so on. Hope they do another Video soon, and they are people I would like to meet WOW !!!

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