Full Film: Fly Fishing the Flats in GUADELOUPE

GUADELOUPE – Full Film – A Broke And Fly Original Production from Broke And Fly on Vimeo.

The full-length version of Guadeloupe from Broke & Fly is now live.

From the filmmakers:


Good question, Broke and Fly Productions is a brand new project put together by Peter Husted from Waters Edge Media and Jesse Males from Backwater Fly Fishing. Together we started Broke and Fly Productions at brokeandfly.com to prove that you don’t need a million bucks in camera gear or some exotic film location just to make sweet fly fishing related content.

GUADELOUPE is our first project featuring the highlights of our exploratory fly fishing film trip to the island of…you guessed it…Guadeloupe!

This is the full edit from our trip! We hope you enjoy it!”

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