Video: Eel River- Return To Abundance Plan – Part IV: The Dams

Eel River- Return To Abundance Plan – Part IV: The Dams from California Trout on Vimeo.

California Trout is working to return the Eel River to “abundance” with their innovative approaches to improving habitats throughout river systems. In Part IV of a video series, they look at the issue of dams.

From CalTrout:

“CalTrout is taking a headwaters to estuary approach to restoration in the Eel River watershed. In the final part of this four-part series, we look at the dams and guiding solutions for PG&E’s Potter Valley Project. That hydro-electric project has two dams that completely block access to over 100 miles of quality spawning and rearing habitat.

CalTrout is conducting surveys above Lake Pillsbury, created by the higher dam, to quantify the amount of habitat historically available to salmon and steelhead pre-dams. We’ll use the findings to guide the relicensing process and work toward a solution that balances the needs of wild fish and people.

That’s our story about the Eel River and our plan to return it to its historic abundance. Tell us your favorite story about the wild Eel at or tag your posts with #myeelstory.”

To learn more about the efforts of CalTrout on the Eel River, please click here.

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