Video: Taking on the Siberian Adventure in “The Young Gun”

The Young Gun – Yakutia from Capt Jack Productions on Vimeo.

We are looking forward to the new film, Yakutia from Jako Lucas and the crew at Off the Grid Studios. Now Capt. Jack Productions has released an outtake that didn’t make the film.

From Capt. Jack Productions:

“Kosta Sherbovich is the future and the future is now… Yakutia was a true adventure, we went off the grid, hooked fish that have never seen a fly before, picked up Mammoth Tusks, but the highlight of the trip was this little guy, Kosta aka. fishing machine and poker face… This is the reason why we do what we do. The future looks bright!
We wish we could have added this to the full film, but just did not fit the time frame. But here it is still for you to enjoy.”

To check out more from Capt. Jack Productions, please click here.

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