Film: Fly Fishing for Taimen in Russia in “Expedition Taimen”

expedition TAIMEN from Black Fly Eyes on Vimeo.

Fly fishing exploration in Russia for taimen. Epic!

From Black Fly Eyes:

“Late autumn of 2015 we traveled to remote Russian wilderness for taimen fishing and film making for the first time. We had kinda plan and scenery prepared before we left. But all went upside down when we reached this wild place and saw the river with extremely high water level and continuous bad weather. It made our fishing and filming really tough. How ever we caught a few nice taimen got them on camera and had great experience. But that was not enough for the film we planed. So we decided to go back in 2016 again.
So this year we went back again with group of anglers and other plans for scenery. We were really hoping for nice water level and good fishing this time. So the idea was to compare fishing in bad conditions from last year and fishing in more friendly conditions this year… And bang! Here we go again! The river is blown out even more then last year! Mental break down, tough conditions, hard fishing, vodka and all game changes again.
So the project ‘Expedition Taimen’ is about our two trips while exploring Russian wilderness in the search for taimen.”

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