Christiaan Pretorius Joins The Fly Shop Pro-Staff Team


From The Fly Shop:

The Fly Shop is excited to announce that Christiaan Pretorius has joined The Shop’s Pro-Staff Team.  Christiaan will be hosting a handful of exciting destination fly fishing adventures each year, as well as acting as The Fly Shop’s ambassador on exploratory trips around the world.

Christiaan has experience guiding in some of the most remote, adventurous fly fishing locales across the globe, including the Zambezi River in Africa, St Brandon’s Atoll, Alphonse Atoll, and Astove Atoll in the Indian Ocean, the Zhupanova River in Kamchatka, and he is now the manager at Abaco Lodge in the Bahamas.  He’s also a great photographer and an up-and-coming filmmaker and will be helping share his fly rod exploits with exciting new video projects.  We are looking forward to some incredible stories and fly fishing odyssey’s from this professional, well-respected young man.

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