The Hewlett Foundation Announces New Open Rivers Fund to Take Down Dead Beat Dams

Exciting news for advocates of dam removal and lovers of healthy watersheds, as the Hewlett Foundation has announced a new program, the Open Rivers Fund, to take down aging dams and restore watersheds in the United States.

The Hewlett Foundation have announced they have “awarded a $50 million grant to establish the ‘Open Rivers Fund,’ a 10-year program of Resources Legacy Fund to identify and support community efforts to remove obsolete dams and restore rivers across the West.” As dam removal takes a great deal of political and financial capital, these efforts will be greatly welcomed by river communities.

So what’s next? According the Hewlett Foundation, “The Open Rivers Fund will kick off the new program with three projects where economic and environmental benefits have led to broad community support: the Matilija Dam in Ventura, California; a series of dams and obstructions in Oregon’s Rogue River basin; and the Nelson Dam in Yakima, River watershed in Washington.” Great news for western rivers.

To read more about this exciting new program, please click here.

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