Video: Smallmouth Yellowfish on the Fly in “Tattoos, Frogs & YELLOWFISH”

A rare yellowfish video!

From FlyBru:

“Matt gets a tattoo, we fish for a frog with a hookless fly and we caught Natal Scalies and Smallmouth Yellowfish earlier this year.

Tattoo: Matt made a very impulse decision to get FLYBRU. tattooed prison style on his arm by some Irie chick named Gaby.

Frog: We found a feeding frog one night, it was feeding on flying ants so we decided to throw a fly…we broke the hook off and got plenty chases, and a couple eats. We named the frog Brutis or something.

YELLOWFISH: In our hot summer months the Yellowfish are loose, we fished for some Natal Scalies, which do not have nearly enough credit for their ability to F***k you up. We also fished up on the Vaal and got some good Smallmouth Yellows.”

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