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Jako Lucas Giant Trevally

Favorite Travel Gear
By Jako Lucas

I have been lucky enough to be able to guide and travel to some of the most amazing places in the world, and this has enabled me to test any product I use to the maximum of its ability. With the amount of traveling it takes to reach some of these often remote places it is of the utmost importance to make sure that you are as comfortable and protected as possible. Fishing also has a lot to do with confidence. And when you are not wearing the right gear it will hinder your experience, and you might sustain an injury, as well as waste a lot of time and energy getting to these locations only to get there and be uncomfortable. Simms gear is designed by people like myself who are on location, and this means the clothing and accessories are tried and tested – and only the best is put through to be used by us.

Therefore, as a professional guide and international fly fisherman, I am very selective and proud to be representing companies that I can truly rely on, not only in the field, but at home as well. They are truly the best of the best, and the one thing that I really appreciate about all of them is that they always ask and seem to value my honest feedback on all of the products that I use. I am really fortunate to have these amazing brands support me and having them really look after all of my needs, is just an honor.


  • YETI
  • Simms
  • Thomas & Thomas Fly Rods
  • Costa Sunglasses
  • Nautilus Reels
  • Cortland
  • Yellow Dog Travel
  • Black Strap
  • Fulling Mill

Top 5

YETI Cooler – Flip 12

So not only is this one amazing cooler and holds ice for a couple of days, but I also love to use mine as a boat and carry-on bag. Before any trip I would normally put all my essentials, like tippet, leader, fly line, etc. in it, so once I get to my location I am ready to rock and roll. Plus, it is as waterproof as it gets!

Simms – Dry Creek Z BackPack

As a videographer and photographer, this is something I can also not go without especially, when I am guiding and fishing. I always have a bunch of camera gear with me when I am on the water and I have also lost many cameras due to non-waterproof bags. Simms has always made amazing waterproof bags from the roll top to the new Dry Creek T-Zip. And it is made from super durable material. I have even used this bag to swim across channels in the Seychelles.

The best thing about the bag is you can double back it as your traveling carry-on luggage to hold your laptop and the rest of your carry-on items, and of course to keep everything dry.

Jako Lucas Giant Trevally Astove

Costa De Mar – Sunglasses

This could possibly be one of the most important pieces of equipment you can never go without. We have only one set of eyes and we have to look after them. 90% of my guiding and fishing is sight fishing. Whether I am just walking outside at home, driving or fishing, I always have a pair of Costa shades on! My Costas are a good shape for my face, which means it does not allow light to come in from the sides allowing me to better sight fish, drive, etc. I do prefer to use Green mirror, amber lenses most of the time. It is good for all kinds of light conditions if you only want to get one pair.

Footwear – Simms – Gravel Guards

Most of my guiding and fishing is spent wade fishing and if you don’t have the right footwear you are not going anywhere. At all these different locations I need super durable, lightweight, wading boots and Simms has always made the best footwear when it comes to that. From the Sneaker to the OceanTec to the VaporTread. It is very important that a pair of boots last a whole season because it is very hard to logistically get a new pair if your boots fail and you can’t go without them, so I really need to be able to rely on them.

I always carry my rods as hand luggage in the rod socks, so I would also use my gravel guards to wrap them around the rods and keep them together.

Jako Lucas

YETI Rambler 20oz or 30oz

There is one thing that most guides and most fly fishermen have in common and that is their early morning coffee fix.  I am sure it does not matter where you see me, I will probably have one of these in my hands. Also I don’t just use my YETI for coffee, it is great to use at the end of a hard day of guiding.

Simms Bounty Hunter 100 Roller

I have traveled to 4 different continents with this bag and it is amazing. Normally roller luggage bags are heavy, but this one is super lightweight and not only does it really protect everything in your bag really well, but it also can hold 9ft 4 piece rods if you need to check them in. Normally I am away for very long periods of time and I have to make sure I can pack as much as possible within the limited weight we are allowed. I have to say this one is a must.

Chocolates & Beef Jerky/Biltong

Everyone that knows me, has guided or fished with me, knows that I love chocolates and Beef Jerky/Biltong. So here is a suggestion from me, whether you like it or not, always take it on a trip with you. There have been countless times where I have traveled to a destination, and end up sharing my last ration, because no one else brought any of these delicious treats. It ranks right up there with taking your wife/girlfriend out to dinner, she orders a salad yet she keeps leaning over and nibbling most of your fries … it’s just not cool. Therefore, it is best to always take a little bit extra and then everyone can share without that feeling of ninja chopping someone’s fingers off your stash!

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Favorite SIMMS product

  1. Boots: Quality boots are imperative as you are walking many miles a day, over fossilized coral, mottle bottom, sharp rocks and need the best to protect one of your assets
  2. Gravel guards: Doesn’t allow sand to get in your boots – sand and such can create blisters and chaff and even coral spores
  3. Solar-flex shirt: Comfortable, light and quick drying with sun protection
  4. Buff: Light, easy breathable and covers your whole face very comfortably
  5. Sun gloves: Very strong material used and is an easy and comfortable fit
  6. Cap: Good quality caps with a non-glare peak

Regarding to my river kit?

  1. G4Z Waders: Strong and durable material. They are very breathable and easy to put on and take-off. The water-proofing on the waders are very good
  2. Boots: Good quality boots with a good grip and are very comfortable
  3. Thermal underwear: Warm, soft and comfortable
  4. Wind-Stopper Jacket: In the cold autumn winters in Mongolia, my Wind-Stopper does a very good job of keeping me warm.
  5. Gloves: In the morning when there is still some frost on the tilla arm of your motor, making it almost impossible to go anywhere, my gloves keep my hands nice and warm.

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