Video: Fly Fishing for Bonefish in Yemen

DIY Bonefishing in Yemen HD from Ray Montoya on Vimeo.

If you’ve seen videos from Ray Montoya, you likely know that he’s often fishing waters that very few others ever fish. We now have a video from Montoya of bonefishing in Yemen.

From Ray Montoya:

“This three minute video documents the first ever fly fishing expedition to the beautiful and biologically unique Island of Socotra, off the coast of Yemen. In the spring of 2013 I traveled to Socotra with an Omani friend, Kamal Busaidi, via the southern port Yemeni city of Mukalla. During our nine day DIY explore, we recorded at least six species never before taken on the fly in the Middle East, including the capture and release of the first fly caught bonefish in Yemen, perhaps in all of the Middle East.”

To check out more from Ray Montoya, please click here.

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  1. Ray that is so neat, would love to have a trip report on our site about that trip and other unique places you have been..Let me know if you have any time to chat..Rod Hamilton

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