Video: Wild Mountain Cutties in “The Tri-Divide Cutthroat Ride”

The Tri-Divide Cutthroat Ride from The Provo Bros on Vimeo.

The Provo Bros are back with a new video, and this time the team take on high mountain cutthroat trout by fly rod … and bike!

From the filmmakers:

“Around three million years ago, the cutthroat emerged as the native trout of the west by way of the Columbia river and its tributaries. Over time, the fish migrated and became isolated in the Great Basin and the Colorado river, setting the stage for this excursion. Around three years ago, I had the idea that it would be fun to ride mountain bikes and fly-fish through the headwaters.

We finally saddled up our aluminum horses for an exploratory loop which would take us a hundred miles, through the big and wild country of south western Wyoming. A vast network of lonesome singletrack connected the native residents of the tri-basin divide, and our fly-rods provided us with the chance to get a closer look.

The pursuit of these cutthroat almost always brings you to places that have yet to be spoiled by the hands of man, where they along with the other wild creatures are indicative of something pristine. We saw it down in the rivers but mostly up high on the ridge. We shared a camp with a herd of elk, and found ourselves cruising along on the same track as a Grizzly bear. Perhaps one of the most southerly, wild specimens on the planet, and certainly our wildest experience on two wheels. – Ian”

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